About Us


Hacking flow 

We liken our work to that of a hacker, with an aim to hack optimal performance and open source it for all. As we have begun to demonstrate by releasing The Seven Secrets of Authenticity online course and this Lifehacker article.

We seek and exploit opportunities in systems (individuals, teams and organisations). Then we suggest innovative customisations and fixes. To do this we combine excellence, playfulness, cleverness and exploration in these performed activities.

Hack value

Our philosophy when it comes to our work is to focus on the outcomes. Thus the investment required is based on the value a piece of work can add. Value is calculated by considering savings and sales as appropriate. We are committed to offering both parties value for money. We always guarantee at least a 200% return on your investment.

Stuart Haden (Founder) is the principle lead on all programmes, offering you the best service and value for money. Plus if there are any design costs required then we’ll always look to split these 50/50 with you.




“Seeing is believing. No, another chance to turn something on its head. Downside, upside down. Believing is seeing.”

– It’s Not About The Coach