Culture & OD

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 14.15.54When individuals and teams start to achieve flow then we naturally shift our attention to the organisation and culture.

Our work here focuses on transforming culture by creating habitats and habits that support and challenge our intent.

Shifting culture can seem like an enormous task which why we break down the approach to work across different levels – individual, team and organisation wide.

Adopting an OD approach we recognise that culture operates on different levels of maturity, we describe these as – knowing, doing and being.

We work with people to map their current situation (using our FREE self assessment questionnaire called Embark), this generates a starting point and action to move the culture forward. This map can be used with any culture change and OD initiative.

If you want to take this questionnaire for free then please head over to our partner’s website (Unlimited Potential), please put Storm Beach in the Your Organisation box so that we can track your results. Here you will find our most popular diagnostic that focuses on coaching cultures.




“Culture may emerge, opening up the possibility of a future that is not constrained by the past, or what the past tells you is achievable.”
– It’s Not About The Coach