INATC - Introduction Course CoverIt’s Not About The Coach is now available on Amazon.

If we increase our levels of authenticity and boost our energy in pursuit of flow then being coachable is a vital component that is often forgotten.

The danger here lies in acting too quickly without consulting someone (coach, mentor, colleague etc) or something (course, podcast, article etc) beforehand to shape your ideas.

Are you coachable? Can you get the most from coaching whether it is in a business, life or sporting context? The book works on two levels. First, a narrative of what it is like to be a coachee. Second, theories, tools and techniques so that coachees can answer the following questions…

  • Is coaching the right option for you now?
  • Are you ready to be coached?
  • Do you posses the skills to be an effective coachee?

Our work and the book itself focuses on three key areas…

  • Consider your possibilities and be aware? Authenticity, change and emotions.
  • Challenge your perception and adapt? Curiosity, challenge and questions.
  • Change your performance and action? Goals, systems and energy.

Let’s deconstruct the well known saying – ‘when the coachee is ready, the coach will appear’. That’s just it, so many of us are not ready for coaching despite having experienced individuals or great resources to hand. If this is the case the aim of increasing authenticity will not be achieved in this instance.

Our latest research has showed that employees only possess 60% of the skills required to be an effective coachee. So unless you can evaluate whether coaching is the right option for you, you might be wasting everyone’s time.

If want to find out more, then check out this 6 min video that describes the book in more detail.




“Many people do not reflect as they are afraid of what they might find, darkness. Many of us keep our curiosity under lock and key, equally afraid of what we might find, lightness. More locks than looks.”
– It’s Not About The Coach