Podcasts – are you connected?

Written by Stuart Haden on May 12, 2014

There has never been a better time to connect to podcasts, the content and technology is now outstanding. They are easily accessed and are great way to keep abreast of the new. I use the Pocket casts app, no hassle – just my chosen episodes downloaded as they are broadcast. In order to be authentic we need to create form, podcasts are great source of inspiration, meaning purpose and connections.

My favourite podcast for some time has been The Unmistakable Creative. You can’t get more authentic than ‘candid conversations with creative entrepreneurs and insanely interesting people.’ Hosted by Srini Rao – a vulnerable, curious and thought provoking interviewer we get an insight into some of the worlds most sought after people. Not just their autobiography in 60 minutes, instead a of cocktail of soul, spirit, heart, mind and body. On each listening I am left feeling both inadequate and inspired. Connected to a movement, community and space that I want to occupy.

the unmistakable creative podcast

This week I tuned into Changing your Identity to Change your Habits with James Clear. I was struck by the importance of environment design and identity based habits. Not only are these BOTH absolutely vital for success it reminds us how we can build an identity. An identity without habit or habit without identity is never sustainable. In short structure your environment to make the good behaviours easier and the bad behaviours harder. We can do this by reducing the number of steps required to perform the former. If you want to break habits increase the number of steps. Simple maths. On the search for authenticity I’ve always known that identity sits at the top of the pyramid with environment at the bottom. This podcast has reminded me of the importance of getting back to basics. Here is your link to a new environment…