Interview – Bailey & French: Team Flow

Written by Stuart Haden on June 23, 2021

Check out this interview between myself and Alex Bailey (from Bailey & French). It was part of their Humanising Work with Bailey and French Live series. We talked about all things Team Flow related.

It’s a 30 mins LinkedIn live session.

In particular we discussed…

What is team flow?
How is it different from individual flow?
What are the barriers to team flow?
Are new ways of working likely to increase opportunity for team flow?




Interview – In Search Of The Perfect 10: Expression over enjoyment

Written by Stuart Haden on June 9, 2021

Tune into this interview (In Search Of The Perfect 10), where Kyleigh Manners (from 42 Degrees Coaching) and myself talk about all things performance related. As the title of the interview suggests we dig into the differences between expression and enjoyment.

We also talk about all things performance; authenticity, flow states, coaching, accountability and language. Kyleigh works predominantly in sports (cycling) coaching so we bring (I think) a nice fusion of ideas with my more corporate background.

For more interviews check out Kyleigh’s

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