Why we all need to get (helpers) high?!

Written by Stuart Haden on September 27, 2017

When we are in the zone, losing track of our time and of ourselves we are in essence getting high. The rich cocktail of neuro chemicals kicks in and we strive to recreate the mindset, environment and creativity again in the future. We also get high when we are helping others. The reward and feeling is so great we look to repeat it – helpers high.

A quick shortcut to this flow state might involve helping a colleague at work, flashing

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The marginal gain that can help you beet (!?) your personal best

Written by Stuart Haden on September 13, 2017

Flow is sometimes referred to as the most addictive (natural) state on the planet. If there was a pill we could pop that quickly engineered flow then we’d all be taking it. Of course there isn’t, instead we have to train from the inside out. But over time we can develop our flow fitness. An awareness of flow and how to enter (and exit) these states with relative ease. Amassing the marginal gains of meditation, exercise and gratitude to name but a

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