Flow Trigger #10 – Good Communication

Written by Stuart Haden on June 29, 2016

It’s no surprise to find Good Communication as one of our social flow triggers. Communication – a catch all word that always needs further explanation. Conversations that move forwards find flow. Getting bogged down, stuck in the past or deluded by the future rarely leads to communication that flows.

Being clear when we send out our messages, as well as listening to receive. The communication needs to flow both ways. Building on what others have to offer, a narrative approach that encourages “Yes, and…”

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Flow Trigger #9 – Shared, Clear Goals

Written by Stuart Haden on June 22, 2016

We talked about clear goals in relation to flow trigger #2, but here in the context of others we find Shared, Clear Goals. There is no doubt that groups need to be clear in order to be collective. Otherwise flow is blocked.

Having goals that are shared works on two levels. Firstly, we need to work towards a common goal – that which we share. Secondly, we all need to know who is working on what and why. Sharing each others goals.


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Flow Trigger #8 – Serious Concentration

Written by Stuart Haden on June 15, 2016

Our first social trigger calls on us to consider Serious Concentration. Multi tasking as usual is out, instead we need awareness. What is happening right now, presence once more has power in the pursuit of flow. Being social we can now enter into group flow, when we are at our best. When we are all at our best.

Attention that leads to well formed intentions. In formed intentions. The here and now, unmoved by potential distractors. Flow follows focus. 

Being serious about humour, and humorous

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