What’s really happening to our culture

Written by Stuart Haden on April 23, 2024

Whilst keeping a focus on the world at work it’s also important to consider wider references in society. One word that often shoves me in this direction is Culture. Pausing on strategy, purpose, values and behaviours etc for now. This article from The Honest Broker stopped me in my tracks. The reveal and moral of the story is well worth it, so not too many spoilers here.

The piece (The State of the Culture, 2024) provides a

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Introducing The Activist Leader

Written by Stuart Haden on April 18, 2024

In a previous posting I referenced this podcast featuring Lucy Park, co author, The Activist Leader. Well the podcast did its job as I quickly consumed the book! As I was keen to find out more about purpose, culture, societal change and systems thinking etc.

Let’s start with this quote…

“It’s clear that the days of 2D leadership are gone: today’s companies need multidimensional leaders, capable of juggling demands from multiple stakeholders, taking on board constantly evolving environmental and social

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The questions leaders should be asking about AI

Written by Stuart Haden on April 12, 2024

We are all under the demands of technological change. But what kinds of questions could leaders should ask when facing into these changes and AI in particular? Well with 2 minutes to spare that’s the question that this podcast addresses…

Daron Acemoglu in conversation with Matthew Taylor describes 2 different ways in which leaders can approach their workforces and organisations.

1)       Don’t think of labour as a cost, something which can be reduced.

2)       Instead amplify and enrich their

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