The top 7 blogs from 2014!

Written by Stuart Haden on December 17, 2014

As we approach the Christmas and New Year period it is a good time to round up the blogs from this year. There are 7 in all that have made the list – mostly because they have got you talking, defined my approach to hacking authenticity and brought great resources and people to our attention. But in short they all go a long way to answering my meta question – what makes someone show up as being truly authentic?

NY’s resolutions

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Sandwiched in between David Clutterbuck and Marshall Goldsmith

Written by Stuart Haden on December 11, 2014

Well it’s not every day that you find yourself sandwiched in between David Clutterbuck and Marshall Goldsmith. Not literally of course but I have just had my second article published in the Worldwide Coaching Magazine with the gurus of coaching and leadership contributing also. The magazine was recognised as one of the world’s top 3 coaching publications in the recent Sherpa Survey, and with a stated aim of ‘In depth knowledge, outspoken opinions’ it resonated with me immediately.

This months theme is all

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Do you bring energy, precision and stretch to what you do?

Written by Stuart Haden on December 3, 2014

In this short video (2:38) I reflect on some participant feedback that I received earlier in the day. Feedback is just feedback. There is no good and bad, only thought makes this so. However, this was certainly an encouraging message.

After reflecting on the feedback I wondered if the recipes of success were down to the energy that I brought, the precision of the workshop and the stretch I intended for participants.

Whatever my perception, it is really important to reflect on

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