The top 7 blogs from 2014!

Written by Stuart Haden on December 17, 2014

As we approach the Christmas and New Year period it is a good time to round up the blogs from this year. There are 7 in all that have made the list – mostly because they have got you talking, defined my approach to hacking authenticity and brought great resources and people to our attention. But in short they all go a long way to answering my meta question – what makes someone show up as being truly authentic?

NY’s resolutions need a revolution (January) []

Drawing on recent postings from Jeff Walker and Srinivas Rao I encourage you to consider rituals, habits, questions and focus days that start a revolution, rather than paying lip service to a resolution. The hack that sits behind this is my tried and tested energy mapping process. More to come on this in the NY as I have discovered a wonderful new app (Timeful) that can schedule and measure your progress.

When and how do you experience flow? (May) []

Csikszentmihalyi (Cheek-sent-me-hi-ee) defined the concept of flow, now Steven Kotler and the Flow Genome Project are taking this to another level. His book The Rise of Superman reminds us how to hack these flow states, knowing that they can be found somewhere between flight, flight or freeze. I am currently working on a new online course – The Seven Secrets of Personal Energy so I can’t wait to reference their work further.

The Art of Leadership and Coaching (July)     []

It was a wonderful challenge to bottle my 25 years worth of experience in leadership and coaching and present it in a new way. Publishing my first online course provided a great resource for everyone, and trust me online courses will have a huge impact in how we learn. In the NY this course will be available for FREE for a limited time only, email me to register your interest.

“Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken” (August)[]

Thanks to Mike Robbins, we now have a contemporary take on authenticity with his new book. His 5 principles of authenticity should really stand the test of time (know yourself, transform your fear, express yourself, be bold and celebrate who you are). Mike – I am hot on your tales (?!) as I’ve already established the plot for my second book, this also has authenticity at the heart of the narrative.

Three phases of change – form, transform and formless (August)[]

Want to hack change? Well this simple approach is simple on the one hand, and complex enough to give you the level of precision that you need. Form – what do you need to create in order to engender the intended culture? Transform – now we need to kick on and change what your have already changed. Formless – aspects of the culture need to be everywhere, ubiquitous. I am creating a new way for coaching to take place, this will transform how we access (and in particular pay for) coaching.

The Seven Secrets of Authenticity – published! (November)[]

Well you didn’t have to wait long for my second online course, one that really kickstarts conversations about being authentic. And the best part about it? At the time of writing it is absolutely free – two hours of great learning at your fingertips. Two more courses are in the pipeline, and should be launched by February.

Can you be part of my Delivery Tribe? (November)      []

Writing a book was one thing but now I have started to assemble a crack team to help me deliver workshops based on my book. Better still I am training people up for free and giving them access to loads of resources so that they can spread the word and develop new business. Early in the NY I will be scheduling our next training day if you want to be a part of this then let me know.