Perform to the highest levels using this top tip

Written by Stuart Haden on July 21, 2015

During the course of the last year I have been busy devouring the literature (Tim Ferriss, The Flow Genome Project, Bulletproof Radio and Tony Wrighton) on optimal performance. After all once you’ve stripped everything away that’s what personal development actually comes down to. Any coach or facilitator who is worth their salt must deliver on this level. The inputs are important but they are worth nothing if the outcome is not achieved.


So what can you do to perform optimally. Well for the full story check out my free online course – The 7 Secrets of Personal Energy: Introduction. But we all like a good shortcut, so here is something you can do today. Now brace yourself as I know you are on the edge of the seat waiting patiently for the miracle answer. It’s as simple as reading. All top performers pay attention to what they read.

A quality work related book in your hands for 30 minutes a day will bring massive rewards. Start with 5 minutes a day, keep it easy and before you know it you won’t want to put those books down. You can see 4 of my work favourites to the right, disclosure – my entry for the Booker Prize It’s Not About The Coach is on the list! How you define work related is up to you, I have read some great fiction that informs my work. The contemporary Japanese writer Haruki Murakami constantly challenges my world view on both a personal and professional level.