Is digital learning the new badge of honour?

Written by Stuart Haden on March 30, 2016

As soon as we mention the word badge it can evoke all sorts of memories and emotions. Early sporting prowess maybe, swimming not sinking. Stitched or pinned, casual or uniform. Many of us collected them, never to be worn. Either too precious, or not within our make up to show off our shiny new friend. But either way they meant something.

Of course the time honoured craft of badge collection is well and truly digital. Metadata that can tell the story,

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Are you engineering optimal performance?

Written by Stuart Haden on March 23, 2016

Before reading and watching in full I want to you to pause. Reflect on something you enjoy, in or outside of work it doesn’t matter. Something that lives long in the memory, something that you’ve kept up for some time. A hobby, regular task, relationship – anything that you’ve enjoyed and probably excelled at.

Now watch this short vid where I share my example of a running route in Italy, circumnavigating Mont Blanc. See if you can tick off all four factors

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Why I am feeling Super Better

Written by Stuart Haden on March 16, 2016

For years I have been promoting the importance of daily activities that energise and help you to achieve flow states more frequently. The intention is simple, commit to daily activities that are deliberate and precise, things that either energise yourself and/or others around you. However, there has always been one barrier to this practice for me. How can I record my progress? Believe me I’ve tried all sorts of methods from old-fashioned pen and paper records to more sophisticated means and back again.

I have finally struck gold.

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Why is it good to be accident prone?

Written by Stuart Haden on March 9, 2016

Hopefully on reading and watching this posting you won’t end up in A & E. But I do want you to be more accident prone, but I want you to be prone to finding yourself in flow – a state of optimal performance. Check out this vid and a great Zen story that puts this theory to bed.

Whilst shooting this video I must have been in flow because I accidentally came up with the phrase ‘Flow Fit’ to describe a workshop that

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Are you strong at multi tasking?

Written by Stuart Haden on March 2, 2016

Are you strong at multi tasking? I am, I’ve developed it over the years. So I hope you won’t mind taking a ride in my car. I’ll keep to the speed limits but as a proficient multi tasker I will also be making phone calls, eating my lunch, playing with the radio and picking up my emails. Latest research has shown that being over the legal alcohol limit is actually safer than attempting any of the above. So actually I

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