Why is it good to be accident prone?

Written by Stuart Haden on March 9, 2016

Hopefully on reading and watching this posting you won’t end up in A & E. But I do want you to be more accident prone, but I want you to be prone to finding yourself in flow – a state of optimal performance. Check out this vid and a great Zen story that puts this theory to bed.

Whilst shooting this video I must have been in flow because I accidentally came up with the phrase ‘Flow Fit’ to describe a workshop that I run which encourages participants to tap into the 5 energy sources – soul, body, heart, mind and spirit.

Even to me it felt like an accident, but it was no accident. I had just made sure I was accident prone. I’d taken care of my nutrition that day, I’d had plenty of time to plan the videos that I was shooting, my mood was good, I had plenty of science to back up my work and the trip to Storm Beach always raises my spirits. I was ready for that flow state, I had somewhat engineered it even though I faced some resistance from the windiest recording day for some time. To make sure flow isn’t an accident for you, your team or organisation then get in touch and see if some/all of my four flow workshops are right for you.