Gravity games – take the weight off your feet

Written by Stuart Haden on July 25, 2018

Action and adventure sports offer an on ramp to flow states. They embrace gravity as their secret weapon. Look up and look down. A game changer, a state shifter.

“Weightlessness, weightedness and rotation are the nectar of gravity games,” explains professional climber and filmmaker Jimmy Chin. “They provide easy access to flow, and that’s what keeps us coming back for more.”

No mountains on the doorstep? Run down hill, freewheel and fly. Join the kids on the trampoline, play in the playground.

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Cultivating exceptional performance

Written by Stuart Haden on July 11, 2018

Martin Seligman has been an avid promoter within the scientific community for the field of positive psychology. He is quick to remind us that psychology needn’t only focus on the negative – trauma, damage and weakness. It can also embrace strength, authenticity and virtue. Treatment can centre on what is broken as well as nurturing the very best version of ourselves. 

Perhaps ‘post traumatic growth’ straddles both approaches. But evidence suggests that experiencing a flow state can help to mend what’s

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