What do you short for?

Written by Stuart Haden on December 16, 2020

Just a quick posting that challenges a traditionally held question, what do you long for? Instead flipping it to  – what do you short for? OK it’s clumsy at best, but it changes the narrative of time and presence.

We can easily wriggle out of the longer term question. Blue sky thinking, see you in 5 years time. But the short form can introduce some baby steps, milestones and today’s thinking. It checks for real resonance and it gives perspective.

Who needs flow – to travel, dampen and rebound

Written by Stuart Haden on December 2, 2020

What is the point of being at our very best? Well there’s our core – a centre point, grounded and authentic. In a flow state we go here. Or we go here in order to get into a flow state. Then we need to move, travel from point a to point b. A challenge, goal or a must do.

How can we harness this rocket fuel? Maybe you’ll need it to dampen the effects of other things. Maybe you’ll need it

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