The Frankenstein effect – are you worried about the monster you have created?

Written by Stuart Haden on October 31, 2013

I found it all too easy to come up with a Halloween inspired blog. Like Victor Frankenstein we are all creators, creators of talent. But sometimes the Frankenstein Effect (my made up name for this conflict!?) limits our intention to create. We worry that our creations will turn on us.

Striving to be authentic we know the right thing to do is develop the talent around us but sometimes we are scared for our own well being. Will they take our jobs? Will

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Narrative coaching with Niels-Henrik Sorensen

Written by Stuart Haden on October 18, 2013

Here are my reflections on the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s (EMCC) research conference, (4:32) video. I was delighted to attend Niels-Henrik Sorensen’s presentation on narrative coaching. I loved his authenticity from the outset, where he outlined to his audience not to critique him for his fast paced approach. Because Niels is exactly that, fast, inspiring and thought-provoking.

Niels presented two really important concepts in the world of narrative coaching (based on a case study approach for a program that he

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The Tao Of Coaching

Written by Stuart Haden on October 11, 2013

There is one book I always recommend in the coaching world and that’s The Tao Of Coaching by Max Landsberg. Why? Well without devaluing this classic text – it is short to read (2 hours), gets to the point and offers an excellent introduction to coaching. If you are well versed in coaching I encourage you to read it, furthermore, I encourage you to share it with others. That most likely is it’s greatest value – sharing the coaching message and

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Gentleness & coaching – interview with Anthony McCann

Written by Stuart Haden on October 2, 2013

This week I was delighted to be joined via Skype with Anthony McCann. I first met Anthony a few months ago when we were delivering presentations at the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Research conference in Dublin. As soon as I had seen the description of Anthony’s presentation I knew this was someone I wanted to connect with. Luckily within minutes of the conference opening we hooked up and I feel privileged to present this 25:56 interview to you today.


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