The Frankenstein effect – are you worried about the monster you have created?

Written by Stuart Haden on October 31, 2013

I found it all too easy to come up with a Halloween inspired blog. Like Victor Frankenstein we are all creators, creators of talent. But sometimes the Frankenstein Effect (my made up name for this conflict!?) limits our intention to create. We worry that our creations will turn on us.

Striving to be authentic we know the right thing to do is develop the talent around us but sometimes we are scared for our own well being. Will they take our jobs? Will they outshine us? Will we be forgotten? I have just emailed a group of managers who I have been training to become coaches. At our last workshop we coached each other to better develop our goals and vision. I have just sent out an email to confirm our next session and many of them have come back with coaching questions – for me!

How did your meeting go last week?

Hope you’ve got more clarity about what we talked about?

Looking forward to hearing more about  _________

You’ve just got to let go of all our possession and embrace this new creation. Put your fears to one side and the story will have a happy ending…your creation will be beautiful…

Stuart Haden, Founder, Storm Beach