Introducing Mastering Coaching by Max Landsberg

Written by Stuart Haden on October 27, 2015

For years I have recommended The Tao of Coaching by Max Landsberg, it’s a great introductory text for any aspiring coach. And now it has company because Landsberg has written what will no doubt be another best seller. Mastering Coaching brings coaching right up to the present day.

Part I kicks off with chapters on neuroscience, sports psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness and experiential learning. This provides a great access point for these disciplines. Part II is packed with loads of strategies, giving coaches a well needed structure

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Where is the spirit in the sky? (7 of 7)

Written by Stuart Haden on October 20, 2015

Are you a human being? Are you sure? Teilhard de Chardin reminds us “We’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences. We’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.” Thus we neglect spirit at our peril, particularly if our intention is to harness our personal energy.

So often associated with religion (which is only part of the equation) we sometimes struggle to find our spirit in the sky. Yet we’ve probably all talked about team spirit or someone who lacks

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I bet you have signed up to a school of thought (6 of 7)

Written by Stuart Haden on October 13, 2015

Schools of thought are just fine as long as you also sign up to a school of emotion as I outlined in my last posting. Building your knowledge, study, learning, reading and writing are all effective ways to boost your cognitive energy. Then your world view can be planned and organised. Logical in your approach – analyse, assess and certify.

Carlos Castaneda once said, “A man of knowledge has unbending intent.” This knowledge can fuel our journey and give us a

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Have you been to a school of emotion? (5 of 7)

Written by Stuart Haden on October 6, 2015

It’s strange don’t you think…we refer to schools of thought. But what about schools of emotion? Emotional Intelligence is a key part of harnessing your personal energy. Fear can get in the way of everything that we do. But if we train our hearts just like we can our muscles then we can develop pride and esteem. Relationships, emotions, social interactions and confidence can all improve. The bonds we make, and those we need to break. Time to start tugging

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