I bet you have signed up to a school of thought (6 of 7)

Written by Stuart Haden on October 13, 2015

Schools of thought are just fine as long as you also sign up to a school of emotion as I outlined in my last posting. Building your knowledge, study, learning, reading and writing are all effective ways to boost your cognitive energy. Then your world view can be planned and organised. Logical in your approach – analyse, assess and certify.

Carlos Castaneda once said, “A man of knowledge has unbending intent.” This knowledge can fuel our journey and give us a system to work to, and a theory to apply. But this understanding is a booby prize unless we act (physical energy) and listen to our gut feelings (emotional energy). Unfortunately in the world of work thoughts tend to dominate, leaving our sense and hunch at the front door.

In this short video I present a short exercise that you can complete, that not only demonstrates our amazing ability to think but the previously mentioned traps that this might create.

For more unbending intent and knowledge you can access the full lecture and the rest of the course (The 7 Secrets of Increasing Personal Energy: Introduction) for free here.