Introducing The Activist Leader

Written by Stuart Haden on April 18, 2024

In a previous posting I referenced this podcast featuring Lucy Park, co author, The Activist Leader. Well the podcast did its job as I quickly consumed the book! As I was keen to find out more about purpose, culture, societal change and systems thinking etc.

Let’s start with this quote…

It’s clear that the days of 2D leadership are gone: today’s companies need multidimensional leaders, capable of juggling demands from multiple stakeholders, taking on board constantly evolving environmental and social issues, managing increasing levels of disruption and making difficult decisions with incomplete information.” Or as the saying goes, horizonal is the new vertical!?

The book is structured into 9 sections and includes some really detailed case studies to illustrate the point. For example, it starts with focus, being clear on what matters – to you and your business. Other chapters include perspective, pivot, ambition, disruption, core, systems, advocacy and momentum.