Being an activist leader is probably not what you think…

Written by Stuart Haden on March 27, 2024

Another great pod from Matthew Taylor (from the Forward Institute) who speaks to Lucy Parker, the co-author of The Activist Leader. A book which I’ll now have to read, provoking as the title might be. Especially given the hosts (welcomed) cynicism towards leadership/business books. Which just strengthens his own endorsement of this work.

Systems thinking and (major) societal change seem to be at the heart of the conversation. Whilst case studies of organisations can be a bit risky a quick reference to Coca Cola (reducing plastic waste) and Nike (addressing supply chain issues) helped create the case for activist leaders perfectly. Both culture and purpose also play their part also. Sounds like the book even tackles across border questions, e.g. government systems, democracy, industry, accountability, ways of working, innovation and dialogue.