Do you recover as hard as you train? (5 of 5)

Written by Stuart Haden on December 22, 2015

If you over exert yourself physically then the next day your aching body will let you know just how far you pushed yourself. However, if you find flow and the state of optimal performance the prompts to recover are never that obvious. 

In sport high performance athletes know full well that you must recover just as hard as you trained in the first instance. I’ll happily tell people I am on rest day because I ran 10 miles yesterday. The same is true in life

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Being in flow = a 500% increase in effectiveness (4 of 5)

Written by Stuart Haden on December 15, 2015

Having worked through the struggle phase, if we successfully locate the release button we are now optimised to access flow. The science is absolutely compelling, an altered state where we can be up to 500% more effective. That’s X5 our usual ability – 5 times more likely to clinch the sale, 5 times more likely to land the new job or 5 times more likely to make someone around you feel valued.

Remember precision is key here, struggle will not equal flow unless

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Do you know how to release your power? (3 of 5)

Written by Stuart Haden on December 8, 2015

If you add struggle to struggle then all you get is more struggle. By now you will know that flow follows a framework; struggle, release, FLOW and recovery. In order to access flow we have to find our release mechanisms. Unique to you. Let go of the tension, break away and reduce the friction. Or just watch this video where I describe release in more detail…

Take a walk, do something creative. Play with the kids, read, meditate or have a cup

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You have to struggle in order to perform optimally (2 of 5)

Written by Stuart Haden on December 1, 2015

If you are experiencing struggle in your work, life or relationships then do not worry because this is the ‘loading phase,’ that precedes flow and optimal performance. The key here is to recognise this phase and maybe even increase the weight of the work. The more weight on the bar, the stronger you will become.

From my last posting you’ll remember that the flow follows a framework; struggle, release, FLOW and recovery. The former relates to, tension, friction, stress – carefully managed so

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