Being in flow = a 500% increase in effectiveness (4 of 5)

Written by Stuart Haden on December 15, 2015

Having worked through the struggle phase, if we successfully locate the release button we are now optimised to access flow. The science is absolutely compelling, an altered state where we can be up to 500% more effective. That’s X5 our usual ability – 5 times more likely to clinch the sale, 5 times more likely to land the new job or 5 times more likely to make someone around you feel valued.

Remember precision is key here, struggle will not equal flow unless you’ve found release. But once you are in the flow state if you are fully fuelled then you can reap the rewards – nutrition, sleep and exercise are therefore massive here.

Maybe a quick dose of the 5 neuro chemicals associated with flow, often termed micro flow. A flash of inspiration, the so called a-ha moment, epiphany, goosebumps. Or finding flow in a social environment, group flow. Teams that just click, work in unison and communicate with ease even when the stakes are high.