The 4 characteristics that define a flow state

Written by Stuart Haden on April 26, 2017

The Flow Genome Project define the 4 characteristics of a flow state as selflessness, timelessness, effortlessness and richness (STER). Giving us the chance to define our own moments and movements. Knowing when we are in flow – the opportunity to push on when we are at our best. An opportunity to leverage, not one to be missed.

Deliberate risk taking, putting our words and body on the line as we loose our sense of self in the moment. Self-help, that has

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Introducing Stealing Fire by Kotler & Wheal

Written by Stuart Haden on April 12, 2017

Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal are the co-founders of the Flow Genome Project. In my mind they are leading the way when it comes to the psychology of optimal performance and flow states. So when I heard that they were writing a book (Stealing Fire) I hit the pre order button as soon as I could.

I wouldn’t dare recommend a book I haven’t read. But having trained with these guys I devoured all the free resources during the book launch, so I

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