The 4 characteristics that define a flow state

Written by Stuart Haden on April 26, 2017

The Flow Genome Project define the 4 characteristics of a flow state as selflessness, timelessness, effortlessness and richness (STER). Giving us the chance to define our own moments and movements. Knowing when we are in flow – the opportunity to push on when we are at our best. An opportunity to leverage, not one to be missed.

Deliberate risk taking, putting our words and body on the line as we loose our sense of self in the moment. Self-help, that has to put the self to one side. Out of our heads, and into our body we go – silencing our inner critic.

Time dilates, either slowing down or speeding up. We loose track, but we find ourselves much further down the track than we can ever imagine. Blazing a new trail, without the usual trials and tribulations. How did we get here, and where did that thing called time go?

A state of grace and ease. We become a medium for our creative ambition, flowing through us. Accessing skills without too much warning. When we are ready, we are ready. What we once held to be a strain now manifests before we have a chance to assess its impact.

Noticing the environment around us. People, things – the value within. Rich, meaning and purpose. Things that were there all along, but now we are seeing with new eyes. A vision beyond our immediate horizons. Scanning for flow and finding it.