What’s really happening to our culture

Written by Stuart Haden on April 23, 2024

Whilst keeping a focus on the world at work it’s also important to consider wider references in society. One word that often shoves me in this direction is Culture. Pausing on strategy, purpose, values and behaviours etc for now. This article from The Honest Broker stopped me in my tracks. The reveal and moral of the story is well worth it, so not too many spoilers here.

The piece (The State of the Culture, 2024) provides a glimpse into the post-entertainment society, unashamedly reminding us- it’s not pretty! Starting with a provocative look at why entertainment is dead, as well as what’s coming to take its place.

But going back a step we need to be honest with ourselves and recognise that entertainment has already superseded art. Never mind Shakespeare, even if we take a more contemporary view of music it has shifted drastically…

Slow traditional culture – ALBUMS

Fast modern culture – TRACKS

Dopamine culture – TIKTOKS

Let the ARTicle tell the story and why we have and are shifting from: Art to Entertainment to Distraction to Addiction