Do you know how to release your power? (3 of 5)

Written by Stuart Haden on December 8, 2015

If you add struggle to struggle then all you get is more struggle. By now you will know that flow follows a framework; struggle, release, FLOW and recovery. In order to access flow we have to find our release mechanisms. Unique to you. Let go of the tension, break away and reduce the friction. Or just watch this video where I describe release in more detail…

Take a walk, do something creative. Play with the kids, read, meditate or have a cup of tea. Work on the task in hand, by not working on the task.

Why do many of our best ideas come to us in the shower or when we fall asleep? Because we’ve just released the struggle from the day which kicks us in to flow. Rather than accidentally entering flow, be deliberate and precise in releasing the weight of the world. This weight soon becomes your force to be reckoned with.