Are you engineering optimal performance?

Written by Stuart Haden on March 23, 2016

Before reading and watching in full I want to you to pause. Reflect on something you enjoy, in or outside of work it doesn’t matter. Something that lives long in the memory, something that you’ve kept up for some time. A hobby, regular task, relationship – anything that you’ve enjoyed and probably excelled at.

Now watch this short vid where I share my example of a running route in Italy, circumnavigating Mont Blanc. See if you can tick off all four factors from the flow framework – struggle, release, FLOW and recovery. 

There you have it, this is the recipe for flow. Four simple phases that you can enjoy if they happen to come your way. Better still you can engineer these phases in your life and work, locate, map, set up, invite. Because you are the engineer, yes nature has already crafted the steep hills (struggle), panoramic views (release), fine trails (FLOW) and glacial water (recovery). But who is going to engineer these phases with your team at work, the incoming project or tomorrows meeting? Of course if you want support (and challenge) in these departments let me know as our latest Flow workshops might fit the bill.