Sandwiched in between David Clutterbuck and Marshall Goldsmith

Written by Stuart Haden on December 11, 2014

Well it’s not every day that you find yourself sandwiched in between David Clutterbuck and Marshall Goldsmith. Not literally of course but I have just had my second article published in the Worldwide Coaching Magazine with the gurus of coaching and leadership contributing also. The magazine was recognised as one of the world’s top 3 coaching publications in the recent Sherpa Survey, and with a stated aim of ‘In depth knowledge, outspoken opinions’ it resonated with me immediately.

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This months theme is all about motivation. My article – The Need for Energy was described by the editor as “What ever gets us into motion, we need some energy to keep the ball rolling. Stuart Haden reveals where that energy comes from and what we can do to increase the level of energy”. If these questions strike a chord with you then you can download the magazine for $4.99, or pick up a 1 year subscription for only $49.99…

You you need to?

  • Harness energy by tapping into your energy sources to increase vitality?
  • Put fuel in your tank?
  • Develop physical resilience to continuously evolve during turbulent times?
  • Tap into emotions that increase the level of motivation for what you do?
  • Broaden your mind to new possibilities and goals?