Why authentic leaders deserve an Oscar

Written by Stuart Haden on September 5, 2013

I have just watched my film of the year, Upstream Color – a thriller written, directed, and produced by Shane Carruth (best known for his 2004 debut Primer). I can’t really begin to describe it you but it is certainly hypnotic, engaging, complex and beautiful. Worth a look, not an explanation. I would hesitate in hoping for Oscar recognition, in the cheap mlb jerseys same way that authentic leaders might not need this conventional accolade. A day after my Coach confusing watch I found myself reflecting on the connections between this mesmerizing film and mesmerizing authentic leaders….


  1. Presence – the film was so engaging I had no time to gegen be To distracted by the past or future. Authentic Leaders – ground teams in the present moment.
  2. Aligned – every aspect of the film added up; production, acting, colour and soundtrack. Authentic Leaders – pay attention to every aspect of their role.
  3. Patience – the films White grows and develops, mimicking the parasite that entangles a man and woman. Authentic Leaders – take a long term view and apply persistence.


Where the links to leadership are to be found matters not. What matters is that you are open to finding them. Accolades certainly, conventional awards such as the Oscars – maybe, maybe not….