Immersive leaders engineer flow, freedom and discovery

Written by Stuart Haden on February 25, 2014

I was recently reading an article in Wired magazine that reminded me of the impact of being immersive, particularly in the context of leadership. The screen saver: Secret Cinema’s mission to save the movies Future Cinema turn films into live events, “We engineer it so there’s a flow, but also freedom and discovery,” Fabien Riggall (founder) explains. For example, suspicious-looking attendees of Casablanca are hauled from the queue by “Vichy French soldiers.”

Blog - The Screen Saver Wired

This immersive quality where you never know what is going to happen next equates to a transformational experience in both cinema and business. Mystery and intrigue with purpose are both well meaning leadership qualities. Immersing others in the project, meeting or conversation.

Bringing all your energy to the role, rather than pressing play and standing back. Constantly updating yourself and the context around you. Grasping what is relevant quickly and confidently. More talking yes, but demonstration on different levels with will add to the experience. Sensory acuity leading to skillful overload.