Fresh perspectives on coaching

Written by Stuart Haden on March 19, 2014

I recently presented a couple of workshops at the 1st Welsh Coaching Conference – Fresh Perspectives and Professional Development at the University of South Wales. To embody the fresh perspectives theme I gently introduced three maps at my session…

1) How coachable are you?

2) Challenging the traditional approach of coaching (which is coach lead). Instead, choosing an approach that is coachee led.

3) Valuing the skills of being a coachee. Someone who considers possibilities, challenges perception and changes performance.

I tested my latest insights to good effect: perhaps the future of coaching goes beyond coach and coaching roles? Instead, conversations that embody coaching – no one person is giving or receiving. Both are achieving mutual gain…


I would like to thank my fellow presenters (all of whom are worth looking up in their own right) and the events team for delivering an inspirational conference…

  • Vanda Morgan – challenged us to think about the professionalism of coaching.
  • Prof. Rob Briner – offered us a great question to hold: does coaching work and does anybody care?
  • Amy Brann – a well needed take on neuroscience and coaching.
  • Dave Tee – giving us a timely call for hope in coaching.