How to create awesome podcasts

Written by Stuart Haden on June 4, 2014

Content creation is paramount these days, coupled with technology the possibilities are never-ending. I have always been drawn to podcasts, for their simplicity and accessibility. However, I had wrongly assumed that creating one would be far more complex than simply listening. That is until I discovered the Auphonic app.


I am somewhat of an early adopter when it comes to technology, however, grappling with functionality doesn’t always come naturally to me. Auphonic is an ‘audio post production web service and software for broadcasters, podcasts, radio shows, movies, screencasts and more.’ But what does that mean in practice? It’s simple really, after a bit of setting up I can now do the following. Open app, press start, speak, pause, name podcast and boom I am done. What I mean to say is –  I have just uploaded and created a production.

Now with the presets I have created (defaulted to all recordings) my fine work is produced with an intro and outro then deployed to SoundCloud (the largest community of audio work). Then I have set up an IFTTT that shares my production on Facebook and Twitter. OK, so I know the last bit sounds a bit technical, but don’t worry If you email me at I can share a pdf (thanks to Ed Dale) that can guide you through the whole process. You can even get yourself set up on iTunes. I rest my case. I look forward to hearing from you soon. In the meantime here are a few words from me, this time I am waxing lyrical about maps V models…