How to organise a masterclass – part 2

Written by Stuart Haden on June 24, 2014

I am back on Storm Beach shaking up the masterclass movement! This short vid describes the nuts and bolts of getting a masterclass off the ground, and the good news is – it’s really easy. Just an 8 step process…

Here is the process in black and white…

1) Contact your network to agree the content for the masterclass, their participation and venue.
2) Contact me to agree a date and the final costs.
3) Book venue in principle.
4) Contact your network with the estimated cost and agreed date.
5) Contact your network to check their commitment which finalizes numbers.
6) Contact your network with final numbers and a request to send you their full payment.
7) Contact me to confirm the date, at which point I will invoice you for the full amount.
8) Confirm venue and we are all set to go!

As processes go it is transparent and streamlined. Don’t forget I’ve got a 3 page flyer on this (email me – so let’s get started?