Are you ready for the masterclass movement?

Written by Stuart Haden on June 26, 2014

I hope you have enjoyed my recent postings about how to organise a masterclass. I said at the outset I wanted to be disruptive, so I hope I’ve got you thinking about – new ways of experiencing learning and a topic that you could introduce to a group. So if you want more just get in touch

I run masterclasses to hack authenticity. Plain and simple, hacks that lead to high performance. Potential topic areas include…

1) Being an authentic individual/leader/coach.

2) Ensuring your followers are ready to follow (based on my book It’s Not About The Coach).

3) Harnessing personal energy, flow and vitality.

4) Transforming individual, team and organisational cultures.

If the masterclass model still hasn’t whet your appetite for learning then the good news is for each masterclass that I run I also offer a FREE ebook, FREE diagnostic and a FREE online course. Get in touch now and join me in the disruption? But don’t take my word for it…

“Definitely one of the best courses I have been on. The size of group, content, tutor ability were all spot on” August 2013.