Harness energy by using voice recognition software

Written by Stuart Haden on September 11, 2014

The outcome of the work that I do is to harness energy and develop high performance. Here is an energy saving hack that you can’t ignore. I’m writing this posting in a traffic jam, using voice recognition software. I use Apple products so on my iPhone and iPad I use the Pages app (equivalent to Word in Microsoft terms). I simply use the built in Siri voice recognition software, speaking clearly into the device that translates into text. Using Pages I can easily share this in different formats. I find this technique really useful…

Firstly, it’s great when I need to write long pieces of text, for example, books, articles and blog postings etc. Secondly, (as I’m doing now) when I’m traveling and think of things to do, notes, blog postings etc I can capture my thoughts on the move and the great thing is to a high degree of precision I have the text and then I’m ready to go when I get back to base.

Like any energy saving routine it takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s certainly one that pays off in the longer term and one that I hope you will embrace. OK so there might be a few typos, but there are plenty of typos when I type, if not more. Just remember I got this done in a traffic jam..