Free copy of my book for one small favour

Written by Stuart Haden on September 23, 2014

If you are reading this then I know you are a keen supporter of the work that I do. I have just published my my first online course – The Art of Leadership & Coaching hosted by Udemy I am hoping that you can help me launch this product. I firmly believe that we need to work together as experts in our field, if we can be seen to support each other then it can only benefit the work that we do.

Of course that said I know we are all busy people so if you agree to help me out then I am happy to send you a FREE copy of my book It’s Not About The Coach to give you a nudge in the right direction. All I ask of you is that you email the details of my new course to at least 100 people. If you email it out to a larger group then I’ll be eternally grateful. Copy me in, and then send me a message with your address and a few days later my book will be winging its way to you. You don’t even need to spend time crafting your message – simply copy, paste and adapt the text to follow. But you do need to hurry as I only have copies for the first 20 people to hit the send button.

More about the course – for the first time I share all my experience (25 yrs!) in one place. Providing the learner with all the resources they need as a leader and coach – whether they are exploring the subject for the first time or already hold a senior leadership/coaching role. The course is set out in 7 sections and 25 lectures (6 hours), comprising of screen flow slide presentations, videos, interviews with experts, articles and a 45 page eBook. Here is the 2 min promo vid –! More good news as the course is currently only $40 – a 50% saving!!

The art of leadership and coaching (& a 50% discount!) – sample message

My good friend and colleague Stuart Haden has just published his first online course – The Art of Leadership & Coaching hosted by Udemy Stuart has now packaged everything he has learnt over the last 25 years into one place. No mean feat I can tell you!

The Art of Leadership & Coaching is now on the open market! The guys at Udemy (Learn from the Worlds Experts) are now hosting this online course which is set out in 7 sections and 25 lectures (6 hours), comprising of slide (Prezi) presentations, videos, interviews with experts, articles and a free 45 page eBook. You can now access the learning the course across all your devices – web based, tablet and smart phone!!

In order to increase take up for this course Stuart will is offering a 50% discount either for you or anyone within your network. All you need is this coupon BLOGREADERS to pick up the course for $40 (approx £24). But get your skates on as the course will revert to $79 soon –!

Jump on board, spread the news and let’s increase leadership and coaching effectiveness together. I hope this promo video from Stuart will give you everything you need!

All the best and let me know how you get on…