Authenticity – keeping it simple

Written by Stuart Haden on October 3, 2014

If something is to be described as simple it must have at least three dimensions, no more no less. How many parts are there to my book? How many paragraphs are there in my blogs? How many sides are there in the Storm Beach logo?

Three, every time three. This doesn’t always happen by chance, this is deliberate. The three sided shape is the most efficient and effective shape known to man. In this somewhat playful video (3:43) I describe how the concept of three is so important in my work.

If my work has less than three dimensions, it is probably unstable (a weakness at the bottom). If it has more, it is probably getting too complex (a weakness at the top) – and that’s where things can begin to wobble. The aim of my coaching programs is to have three dimensions – the coach, the sponsor and the coachee. Prior to writing my first book this latter dimension was under resourced. The word under therefore ‘featured’ in some of my programs. The program under delivered, the program was undermined etc.