The Seven Secrets of Authenticity – IDENTITY crisis

Written by Stuart Haden on October 28, 2014

Identity has really cropped up on my radar of late. All too often we actively pursue a false identity or act on one that we un-knowingly fall into. In this short video I describe my reflections on being labelled a teacher.

This identity of being a teacher is neither false of unknown to me, but it is inaccurate. Often created due to the environment in which I operate. Being authentic encourages us to search for our inner values and I never set out to be a teacher. Likewise many people probably see you in a particular environment and label you accordingly. But do they know the real you? Do you know the real you?

Instead I set out to be an explorer. Someone who sets out to dare, design and discover. And perhaps teaches along the way, or by default. To achieve high performance it is vital that we are clear on our values. We need to make sure we put the right fuel in the tank. Just because someone likes to fish, it doesn’t also mean they like to eat fish!! Identity now forms the first of my Seven Secrets of Authenticity, an online course available (for a limited time only) free of charge –