The Seven Secrets of Authenticity – INNER voice

Written by Stuart Haden on October 30, 2014

When I recorded The Seven Secrets of Authenticity online course it gave me the opportunity to explore compliance and defiance in detail. Recognising that authenticity relies on exploring our inner values and demonstrating them in the external environment skilfully. It’s this final word that is so important. If we aren’t skilful then we often end up being compliant or defiant neither of which brings long lasting results.

If we ignore or suppress our values too often then we are compliant. Have you ever said yes, when you meant no? Brushing things under the carpet and choosing not to get involved. Often we have the skills in place but not enough recognition of our values to guide us.

Likewise when we buck the trend too often we are defiant. A rebel without a cause might make Hollywood history – our values are at the forefront of our mind, but we lack the skill to display them to good effect.

You can download The Seven Secrets of Authenticity for free at In the meantime this vid tackles compliance and defiance…