The Seven Secrets of Authenticity – published!

Written by Stuart Haden on November 6, 2014

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying and learning from my recent postings based on my experiences of putting together The Seven Secrets of Authenticity as a online course. I have successfully mapped and hacked authenticity so that you can quickly access it. To borrow a phrase from the tech world my aim is to now open source this information.

This vid now reveals these secrets, but don’t be surprised if you know some of them already…

1)   IDENTITY – aligning yourself.

2)   INNER – skillfully expressing yourself.

3)   INSIGHT – taking a stand.

4)   INSPIRATION – mapping passion & outcomes.

5)   IMPORTANCE – doing & not doing.

6)   IMAGINE – questioning direction & resistance.

7)   IMPACT – hacking authenticity.

In order to archive these outcomes this short course utilises video content, such as: Prezi, websites, video exercises, video presentations, an interview and white board activity. I reference my book (It’s Not About The Coach) and the first chapter titled authenticity.