When to lose your authentic purpose?

Written by Stuart Haden on November 12, 2014

Just about everything I do in life has a purpose – a run, a project, a posting, a conversation. I encourage people to live on purpose, this is at the source of being authentic. Sometimes we know that too much purpose doesn’t serve us. Too much thinking, too much strategy, too much planning.

Being without purpose can sometimes scare us. So to practice what I preach I spent 4 minutes and 45 seconds without purpose. It was scary, but there was no real risk involved. What began as a daunting and pointless prospect turned out to be liberating. The shackles were off, I delved into places I hadn’t expected. I was comfortable making it last longer than I thought it might at the outset.

How did I act without purpose? Simple, I created this posting without a plan of attack…