Don’t should on yourself (1 of 4)

Written by Stuart Haden on January 13, 2015

When people are being coached they often place too much emphasis on what they think they should be doing. Of course they are part of a relationship that needs to deliver outcomes, which is perhaps why people play it safe. They ‘should on’ (s**t on) their otherwise amazing plans.

Perhaps being scared of how great they can be they reduce their opportunities by working on what they think they should be doing, rather than a more expansive could approach.

In this two minute video I remember a coachee who was full of expansive ideas until his organisation issued him with a set of goals that he felt he should consider. In order to remain authentic in his role as coachee I was constantly encouraging him to remember what could be focusing on. He had these answers, yet he lacked the courage to express them.

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