As coachee how do you respond? (3 of 4)

Written by Stuart Haden on January 30, 2015

If you are operating at high speeds then from time to time a lightning quick reaction can keep you out of trouble. No time to assess and reflect, let the body take over. If you are ever in a situation where you are being coached then you also need to let the body take over. This time though you need to slow down, and listen to your body’s emotions.

Your emotions are merely signposts, giving you valuable information about your next steps. Rather than reacting, this time you need to respond. Now you can slow down, reflect, explore, express and choose your response. The initial situation will be the same, but this time the outcome will be different.

For example, I was recently told ‘this isn’t a threat, but, if we don’t get the information we need then we will cancel the leadership programme.’ I was baffled by this statement, because in my view I was waiting on further information from the client. Rather than reacting (to the perceived or real threat) I remained non-judgemental and said I would find out more. As soon as I had spoken to my colleague we realised there had been a breakdown in communication on their part. When I next spoke to the client all threats were withdrawn!? But if I had gone in guns blazing (as my anger encouraged) then the outcome would have been very different for all of us.

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