It’s Not About The Coach – free workshop

Written by Stuart Haden on February 10, 2015

As many of you know I published my first book (It’s Not About The Coach) just over a year ago. When I wrote the book I interviewed 85 organisations, I want to apply a similar level of research now that I am designing the workshop content. This is why I am looking to connect with organisations so that I can run a free half day workshop and road test the session.

The aim of the workshop is to ensure that coachees can get the most from coaching, which is a unique angle in the literature. Inspiring them to…make informed choices about coaching, discover readiness for coaching and develop the values required by coachees. Time and time again in my role as coach or L&D consultant I experienced a lack of coachability which is how I ended up setting out on this journey. 5 years on and I can now ensure that coachees are coachable, so that coaching delivers the fantastic results we all know it is capable of.

If you think you can help out by hosting a half day workshop that would both benefit my research and your organisation then please let me know and we can set up a call to go into more detail. I know I am offering ‘a free lunch’ but it is important that there is some desire for coaching within the organisation, otherwise the workshop probably won’t resonate with participants.

I appreciate you will want to access my work in more detail. If you go onto my website ( you can get a free intro copy of the book, or I am happy to pop one in the post for you. Alternatively in this 5 min vid I describe the book in more detail –] I hope you noticed that I have just published an online course (It’s Not About The Coach – 3 part introduction course), and it’s free at the moment. You can download the 90 mins of content here –