The Authenticity Experience – Hack #1: IDENTITY

Written by Stuart Haden on March 10, 2015

My stated aim is to ‘hack authenticity and open source it for all’. The root of authenticity is our identity – our very being, and DNA if you will. Recent research ( suggests that all great leaders have one thing in common – the ability to access and tell their personal story. If you apply this hack to your work and life you will achieve greater impact and alignment, as well as avoiding the pitfalls of modern day society.

Hack 1 - Identity

Make sure that whatever or whoever you are interacting with is in someway aligned to your identity. For example, if trust is important to you then spend time with people who you can trust. Avoid associating yourself with things that you can’t trust, whether they are products from the high street or projects at work. Also pay attention to your attitudes, skills and behaviours and notice how aligning your identity to the environment is in many ways the final connection to make.

Do not allow the environment to overly influence your identity. The environment may shape your identity, but do not let the demands of society and those around you dominate. People who focus on the environment at the expense of their identity rarely show up as being authentic. The essence of this hack is starting with identity, not starting with the environment.

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