The Authenticity Experience – Hack #2: INNER

Written by Stuart Haden on March 12, 2015

My intention is to ‘hack authenticity and open source it for all’, thus a focus on who you are is vital. The first part to this hack involves analysing your INTERNAL identity. This activity needs to be reflective and introspective, it’s a work in – not a work out. Once you have recognised your values and direction you now need to acquire and apply SKILLS. This involves working on your personal development, in a precise way because you have located your authentic drives.

Once you have developed the skills you have to make it of benefit to yourself and others. The only way to do this is to align yourself to the EXTERNAL environment. This is a work out (not a work in) because this is visible action. You might not be completely proficient in what you display to others, so don’t worry about starting before you are ready. But the idea about being skilful makes sure that you’re values can become valuable.

Hack 2 - Inner

For example, at work you notice that leadership is becoming increasingly important to you (internal) so you go online and take a leadership course (skills). You take action (external) by setting up 1:1’s with your team. What you have created in these three simple steps is an authentic presence, where you can be confident that you are skilfully expressing yourself. In my book (It’s Not About The Coach) I present this question, which can be great to keep you on track – “Are you being true and authentic to your potential position?”

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