FLIP – online learning

Written by Stuart Haden on April 7, 2015

As technology comes to the fore the world of learning is flipped, face to face learning is no longer the only desired medium. Instead we must also embrace online experiences as an accompaniment or the sole method of delivery. Embodying values in this global age – agile, convenient, flexible, current, nimble, consistent, trusting, choice, gamification, efficient.

In an online world we can efficiently handle – admissions, workshops, peer interaction, facilitator interaction, problem solving, assignments, assessments, deadlines and accreditation.

For example, coaching is crying out for accessible coaching programmes that also leads to accreditation and supervision qualifications. I have got 7 online products and counting so watch this online space. Here is a sneak preview of a course I have get to promote, you need to harness personal energy then this one is for you…