The challenges of being coached (1 of 4)

Written by Stuart Haden on April 21, 2015

If you are being coached then you will know that it is a naturally supportive environment. A coach who has got your back, committed and intent on supporting your personal development. Likewise there is plenty of time to reflect, as the coach will typically give you the space you need to take time out. Not too much time between sessions though, as maintaining momentum is also key.

If we support people and then give them space, the third and final approach we can take is to challenge. In my experience the better the coachee can deal with challenge, the better results they will achieve from the coaching. Challenge operates on two levels. First, the level of challenge the coachee can allow from the coach. Second, the level of challenge the coachee can bring upon themselves.

As with many aspects of my work, there is an important level of precision that must be brought in at this point. It is clear that not enough challenge will restrict goal achievement. Likewise too much challenge can be damaging in its own right. Friction and stretch could lead to a break. The magic number here is 5:1. Ensure that the coaching supports you five times more than it challenges you. For example, commit to 5 things that you will find supportive, natural and straightforward. Then it is time for a challenge, something that scares you, makes you feel uncomfortable or throws you out of line.

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