It’s Not About The Coach gets advanced

Written by Stuart Haden on May 19, 2015

I hope over the last few months you’ve spotted my latest online course – It’s Not About The Coach – 3 part INTRODUCTION. Moreover, I hope you’ve noticed that this is totally free of charge at the time of writing!! So if you haven’t done so already please download the course here, before I change my mind.

To ensure that people get the most from coaching this course covers the first three chapters of my book – authenticity, change and emotions. Naturally some people need to take their personal development further so I am in the process of designing and recording an advanced course.

The first key section encourages you to challenge your perception and adapt in the context of coaching. Developing curiosity so that you can reflect on your performance. Welcoming challenge so that you can create enough tension for improvement. Inviting questions that can take you and others to the next level. The second half describes the importance of changing your performance and committing to action. Setting goals so that you are clear on your direction. Nurturing systems so that the networks around you serve your goals. Harnessing energy so that you have the motivation to be coached.

I have also recently released the advanced course which you can check out here – It’s Not About The Coach – 6 part ADVANCED course. All the tools you need to get the most from coaching.